Wednesday, 23 July 2014

And these moms!

Mummy-1. She picks up all and sundry objects from the floor. And puts in her mouth immediately.
Mummy-2. And this one, he pulls loose wires, puts slippers into his mouth. If we say no to anything, he would do be pleased to do exactly that.
 Mummy-1. But she will tightly close her lips whenever I try to feed her. If I still succeed to put some food into her mouth she will spit it out anyway.
Mummy-2. He finds pleasure in pulling down anything kept on dining table, dressing table and the like. Mummy-1. Yes, they keep us on our toes as they always stand literally on their toes to pull down things and we have to be ready to stop any possible mishaps happening.
Mummy-2. Picks up tiny objects such as food particles or even insects and put them to his mouth.
Mummy-1. Those objects will not be visible to us at all while we clean the floor.
Mummy-2. And after doing all mischief they will turn to us and smile innocently.
Mummy-1. Indeed it will be such a wholehearted laugh that you can’t help joining it.
Mummy-2. Perhaps all of them get a training while in their mothers’ womb.

Baby-1. My mom keeps saying no, no always.
Baby-2. That’s right. It’s always don’t do this, don’t do that.
Baby-1. Don’t pull the wire. Don’t put the socks in your mouth.
Baby-2. And they will force some tasteless stuff into the mouth and insist that we swallow it.
Baby-1. With great effort one reaches a table on all four, gets up and stands on one’s toes and rises to the maximum possible and gets hold of one bottle. And ho, mom or dad would run from nowhere to stop us from putting it on the floor.

.Baby2. I think they undergo some training for such behavior as soon as we are conceived.

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