Friday, 22 February 2013

My dreams--literally

I was enjoying my voluntarily retired life peacefully with both my sons married and settled. Then comes a dream in which I was offered a job back in my bank from where I had taken  voluntary retirement with no intention of rejoining even in my wildest dreams but alas dream is stranger than truth. I accept it and join the dream continues. I am not offered any specific seat and so I start reading bank circular files. I am asked to read HR related files as I might have to attend to HR related work someone says. I try to protest saying that I have never worked in HR and that is not my strong hold anyway. In the evening I was entrusted with the cash keys as the person in charge was to go on leave. Next day I start for the bank in my scooter and was halted on the way as the railway level crossing was closed. Once it was reopened I reach the other side of the railway line and do some shopping. When I reach for my scooter it was missing. I search for it but to no avail. I make a complaint to a police man nearby who pays no heed but starts changing his uniform to normal dress. On my insistence he hears my case and promises to look for it. Suddenly it occurs to me that the scooter might still be on the other side of the line as I hadn’t taken it over to this side when the gate was reopened. I rush back and find the vehicle but parked in such a way that it cannot be moved from the place easily. A stranger comes to my rescue and offers to move it to a more convenient position. I was too pleased to accept the offer and wait a little away from the vehicle. But somehow what the man starts is a car and not a scooter. He asks me to get in so that he would leave me to drive it once we reach a more comfortable place. His family was also there in the car and so I had no hesitation to get in. He drives through rough roads and at one particular point road laying work was going on and there was hardly any space for even an auto rickshaw to pass by. Stating that it would be risky to take that path he suddenly drives down to a path where small metalled path was laid and tarred road was some 18-20 inches above it. I start wondering how he could take the car to such a height and before I put my doubt to words he does it and the car is back on a smooth road. He leaves the car to me and I start looking for the road that would take me to Statue in Trivandrum. I wake up to find the bed room flooded with light may be by switching on the tube only to realise that it was the morning sun who lit the room.

If anyone who can interpret dreams takes the trouble to enlighten me with the meaning of my dream I shall be highly obliged.

One warning.. the request will be repeated as I often have interesting and lengthy dreams figuring even VIPs, of course including me.


  1. I guess unconnected things following a sequence is very common in a dream. And I am no good at intrepretting this but this is so similar to a dream that repeats for me .... sem - 8 Control system II exam - internals was low at 25, I needed a 50 min to pass this exam ... I am blanking out and Mammooty and Suresh Gopi wearing a Police dress are the hall supervisors .... I would invariably wake up horrified ... :)

  2. Nice one Chithi.... I too get a lot of weird dreams ,, cud never make out why we get such dreams.
    At times we see some thing which we would have never seen at reality (at least that its not there in our conscious for sure).. Its interesting to interpret the dreams.. this is one topic that has always fascinated me… When I shared my dreams with Sreeram he once asked me to read this book "The Interpretation Of Dreams" by Sigmund freud,, May be you can try reading that Chithi.. dont know if it will interpret your dreams but you may find it interesting to know things about our unconscious mind.